Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, California is a 40-year veteran of the real estate trade. He began working when he was newly graduated from high school, and he has never stopped.

One of the many perks of having a strong, consistent work ethic is that Andrew is able to satisfy his many passions and hobbies at this point in his life. In addition to working out of his home and making his own hours, Andrew Hutchings is at the top of the food chain when it comes to property selection and he has the pick of the litter. He considers himself to be semi retired, with one food in the game, and his years of working have paid off.

There are numerous hobbies and interests that appeal to Andrew, but one of them is collecting rare and historical items. He is fascinated by history and is a self-professed foodie and lover of fine wines. In addition, he collects wristwatches, still giddy with the excitment of wearing an actual piece of history on his wrist.

Andrew was also fortunate enough to grow up well-traveled. He has been around the globe over ten times. His children follow in his footsteps, attending schools from New York to Belarus.

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